Manuscript Review

  • Have a partial or finished manuscript in need of a new set of eyes?
  • Want some professional, honest advice?
  • Stuck? Needing help with direction in anything from plot, to dialogue and character development? 
  • Decided to self-publish and looking for advice on polishing your manuscript to make it the best it can be?
  • Thinking of packing it in all together?
  • We are here to help. 
  • You will receive a personal, targeted manuscript assessment within 4-6 weeks. 


  • Decided to self-publish but intimidated by the task of formatting your manuscript?
  • Formatted your manuscript for paperback and now dreading a re-format for e-book?
  • Want both?
  • Worried about formatting for different e-book platforms?
  • We've got you covered. 
  • Details of the formatting required will be settled with the Author on a case-by-case basis.

Copy-editing & proof-reading

  • Due to the nature of this work, these jobs will need to be booked in advance, so please think ahead of any deadlines you have and leave lots of time to contact us. 
  • Please send us a sample of the work, a total word count and a description of the type of work you are submitting. 
  • Please also mention if you are a non-native English speaker.


  • We are open to all genres, but have special skills in Women's Fiction, Romance, New Adult, YA, Fairytale, Fantasy and Science Fiction, as well as cross-over fiction. 
  • We are not experienced in poetry or Non-fiction. 
  • Our in-house manuscript assessor is a published author and a graduate of Oxford university with a Bachelors in English Literature and a Master's in American Studies from Columbia University in New York. 
  • Fill out the form below to enquire about any of our services and to learn more about options and pricing. Please specify the service you're asking about in the subject line. 

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