What We Want

We are all about escapism here at UB.com. If your story takes us to the weightless heights of the farthest galaxy, the crushing depths of the deep blue sea or around the world in 80 pages, we want to read it! 


Flash, to us means 500 words or less, so if you've got something short sharp and shocking send it on over.


Between 500 and 5,000 glittering words. 

We are open to serialisations of longer stories, but ask that you please get in touch to discuss it with us. Please also ensure that they are completed before submitting them to us. 


  • All submitted work must be your own, and previously unpublished
  • We are open to all genres, but are especially interested in outside-the-box thinking. Slipstream fiction, mash-ups, modernisations, twists on old tropes. Think big and bold, have fun. Go wild!
  • Double space, use a clean, 12pt font and check for typos please.
  • Don't forget to number the pages on longer pieces. 
  • Include your name, and the word count on a title page.
  • Attach your submission to your email in a single file. Include in the body of your email an elevator pitch for your story and any personal information you think might be relevant to your submission.
  • At this time we do not accept poetry submissions. 
  • Keep it PG please, no cursing or undue violence. There are kids on the internet. 
  • I'm afraid, as a small outfit at the moment, we are unable to offer any payment for online publication. 


  • UB asks only the right to publish the work on our website. All other rights are kept by the Author. If we wish to include the story in any possible anthology projects at a later date, those rights will be discussed separately with the Author. 
  • We will remove stories at the Author's request. Please do not publish elsewhere without letting us know, we don't want to get in trouble.