On pep, and talking a big game

These boots were made for walking...

These boots were made for walking...

Picture the scene, you start up a business enterprise that requires a metric ton of work and what do you do all day instead... tap away at your young adult sci fi novel. Bunking off has not been entirely in vain, however. The last few days have been me vs. a project that feels a whole lot bigger than me, that sometimes feels too ambitious to be achievable, sometimes feels downright impossible. Today, in contrast, has seen me getting back into something I've been doing for a while and an old feeling has resurfaced: I can do this. Not only that, I'm good at this.

Confidence is a slippery little b*gger. Right when you feel you've got a good grip on it, something changes; you feel ashamed for fear it might be too close to pride, which you know comes right before you go for a burton. Or you worry it's a delusion, after all, don't the dreadful talent show caterwaulers mixed in with the ones that really do have a set of pipes feel the exact same way? In the era of social media failure can be very, very public.
But today I've bashed away at my keys and the results are not at all terrible, they're even quite good. So my take-away is that if I can do the writing, I can do the rest of the work as well. I've developed a new mantra, which goes like this: big plans, baby steps.

bye for now